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President Kuffour cut the sod for the construction of the road in 2003.  The project was awarded to Manet construction Co. Ltd. Little work was done at the time.  The road which was supposed to be one lane was later changed to

To a Dual carriageway.  Hence the government needed to compensate residents whose Houses were going to be affected. 

Under the leadership of Hon Daniel Amartey Mensah and the late MP Hon Nii Nortey Duah. about 90%of the compensation was paid from 2010.

This gave way for major works on the Lekma road to be done. 

From 2013-2016, the demolition of the houses of the compensated residents was carried out. 

This was during the tenure of Hon Seth Badu Tawiah as chief executive officer and Hon Benita Sena Okity -Duah. During the tenure of Hon Benita Sena Okity-Duah, after the demolition of the houses, Major drains and bridges in the road were done.  The relocation of the high tension poles in the road to go behind the road was done.  Relocation of all pipelines on the road to go behind the road was done.  Correct demarcation and filling of the road were done.

About 3months into the 2016 elections work was slow.

At this point, it was just left with Tarring of the road which constitutes about 20% of the road to be done. 

Power changed hands and Hon Dr Okoe Boye was elected an MP.

After failed attempts by Dr Okoe Boye the MP for Ledzokuku for the past two and a half years to lobby for the finishing of the link road to be completed, the Residents in Ledzokuku and Multimedia took up the task to get create the necessary awareness. 

Residents held a demonstration on January 2019 at Agblezaa last stop. After the demonstration, the government awarded the contract to a Nigerian contractor.

The Nigerian contractor set up his site settlement behind the Lekma Hospital In March and since then nothing was done. 

Residents in collaboration with the drivers’ union Held a demonstration again on the 24th of June this year. 

Shortly after, lots of media houses gave the road lots of publicity. 

Multimedia group held Two Major Morning shows in Ledzokuku. 

Residents of Teshie, we must admit that multimedia helped us a lot.  A few days after Multimedia held the morning shows here, the government starts to do something on the road. 

All praise and glory belong to the Residents of Teshie,  Other media Houses who helped publicise it,  and most importantly Multimedia group. 

God bless you Multimedia for taking up this task and pushing for the road to be completed.

God bless Teshie

God bless Ghana.


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