To the Media, All Regulatory bodies, The Government, Concerned

Citizens of Ghana and the generosity of this web portal.

My introduction might sound pleasing but I write with displeasure as a concerned Citizen and Media Practitioner, to highlight some uncertainties in the Media industry.

As my headline Reads, “Why Reluctant to Give the Media Statistics? One may be wondering, who does this question go to?

I may be blunt with my words, but cautiously.

I’m highlighting on the words, WHY and RELUCTANT. However, am stressing much more between Regulatory Bodies and the Government to the Media.

First and foremost, one main characteristic of journalism is curiosity.  A Journalist must be curious in his fact searching to get every necessary information he/she requires.

The question is, from whom shall the Media get this information?

The 21st-century society is driven by information availability and accessibility which has informed the “right to know”.

But my headache mostly is on Regulatory Authorities and the Government.

Article 162: Freedom and responsibility of Media.

“Editors and publishers of newspapers and other institutions of the mass media shall not be subjected to control or interference by Government, nor shall they be penalized or harassed for their editorial opinions and views or the control of their publications.

Agencies of the mass media shall, at all times be free to uphold the principles, provisions and objectives of this constitution and shall uphold the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people of Ghana.

From the articles mentioned above, if the media shall uphold the responsibility and accountability of the Government to the people of this country, why then must they go through hell to seek information from various Regulatory Authorities and Governmental Agencies. Rather these regulatory bodies and agencies are quick to file lawsuits against these Media agencies in an event of false representation.

If they want concrete publications without Malice, then regulatory bodies and Governmental agencies should avoid being abstruse when it comes to giving statistic to the Media.

From the Code of Ethics of the GJA article 1: which talks about people’s right to true information, a section of it states “A Journalist should make adequate inquiries and cross-check his/her facts” of which same code of ethics on Article 2: Speaking on responsibility stated “Journalist responsibility is to the public at large and the various interest in society. However, every point been raised indicates that the media has the “right to know” and these authorities are responsible to “let it out”.

Regulatory bodies must likewise stop being selective and bias to some Media Houses and be accountable to the media not to Media HOUSES.

The Media is a resource to the public, an advisor, counsellor, mentor and friend but if you treat its fellow (Journalists) with objections, then they will take it as a request for further information.


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