The Ministry of gender children and Social Protection has launched a campaign to stop violence against children in the country.

The campaign lunch was in collaboration with the European Union and their African compatriots under the theme Ghana’s children: their voices, their reality with the mandate to ensure Gender quality, promote social the welfare and protection of children and empower the vulnerable through the use of social intervention to achieve national development.

Speaking to the media, on behalf of the gender minister, the chief director of the Ministry of Gender Children and Social Protection, Dr. Afisah Zakariah said that, violence against children in Ghana is not a good idea and they want to come out with policies and regulations to validate whatever is against the child and correct them without subjecting them to violence.

She stressed that we can use other means like love and care to correct our children and not to subject them to violence that will lead them death.

European Union Representative, Marialisa Troucoso, also added that the European Union believes all children have the right to be promoted from all forms of violence, abuse, child trafficking and want they want to increase awareness of child protection in Ghana.


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