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Fisher folks at the Jamestown in Accra has cried to the Government to help stop light fishing as it is destroying their catch. They also pleaded that the fishing trolleys should be made to fish in deep waters not 30 feet deep where the canon fishermen are to fish.

On the 18th of June 2019, the one-month ban on inshore and canoe fishing was lifted for fishing activities to take place. This brings an end to the closed season to help in the improvement of the fishing system in Ghana. Fishermen were prohibited from fishing to allow the country’s waters to replenish its depleting fish stock which had been a result of poor fishing practices and overexploitation of the along the coasts of Ghana.

 However, fishermen and fishmongers along the coasts of Accra (the shores of Jamestown) brought to our notice that there hasn’t been any improvement since the ban was lifted for fishing.

 Adoa news took this opportunity to visit the shores of Jamestown to speak to some of these Fisher folks at the shore. They shared their opinions on how some fishermen use lights to fish at night resulting in the reduction of the sizes and catch in a day. they also pleaded with the government to come to their aid since fishing is their only means of survival.

Lawrencia Naa Yemoley Quarshie

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