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We cannot throw away the Basin water along with the baby. The leadership of N.O.D Foundation, Organizers of Ghana Chieftaincy Excellence Awards strongly hold the view that Ghana’s educational curriculum, especially at her tertiary level, has done more disservice to Ghana’s economy than good.

Moreover, in as much as we are an NGO built on the pillars of national character, we vehemently condemn the untruth that Ghanaian universities give inferior certification, we, however, uphold his amplified view that our Academic Authorities can do better with regards to academic impartation and the recycling of practical knowledge to meet human demand.

Any University or high school whose educational curriculum is not written to suit its standing national problems and cultural heritage with the aim of recycling practical ideas to solve societal ills and human vacancies, such academic institution will only churn out academic products best at exhibiting high blood pressure of words and anaemic kind of deeds. I mostly refer to such academic products as Societal Parrots in the stead of Economic donkeys.

In fact, we cannot continue to think that Professor Augustine Uzoma is only to blame for that unpalatable and unguarded commentary he uttered against Ghanaian Universities when in essence our own designed academic system is a major contributing factor to this mess. We live in a nation whose tertiary academic curriculum sings the praises of the west and surprisingly frowns on internal knowledgeable mechanism like the introduction of traditional employment methods such as kente weaving, that gives the graduate

 ready employment immediately after school. If such western curriculum would help our economy, by now we would have several inventions and practical fiscal solutions to drive away from the extreme hardship born out of the high rate of unemployment we annually generate from our tertiary institutions.

Whilst others in elsewhere go to university to administer practically oriented solutions to clean societal longstanding tears, we go to repeat what some white man has said without paying recourse to our own local research methods that can heal us from all these economic ills.

The saddest spectacle of all is how our primary, junior and senior high students have been robbed of their own ancestry and mother tongue. Students who are spotted speaking vernacular or their own local dialects are severely punished whilst those who rattle in English, Chinese and French, etc are showered with gifts and Hall of Fame attributes.


SLAVERY…Meanwhile, almost if not all the big exemplary countries such as China, France, England America, Italy, Spain, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, Japan etc that we seek to emulate have all developed not with any foreigners language but their own respective local language.

We on the other hand disgrace and cause our young one’s pains simply because they speak their own mother tongue. I honestly do not know if we want to create a small Chinese, English or French people out of our own Ghanaian future solution providers?

We conclude by encouraging all relevant academic stakeholders to revisit our academic curriculum at all levels of the educational ladder. We firmly believe that it is only when there is a match between academia and the local job market that Ghana’s economy shall banish graduate unemployment to the land of no return.


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