It’s been several years of feud and brawl between the King and the god; Shatta Wale – self-acclaimed dancehall King (Inna The whole Ghana) and Stonebwoy aka Stonegod.

The “beef” between the two raised immense heat which escalated into an inferno, almost grazing down the turn-up, fun and zeal at the recent VGMAs.

Many Ghanaians subsequently condemned the two and the “beef” they couldn’t seem to fry towards an imminent dinning.

Following the event where Stonebwoy pulled out a gun to ward off on-coming Shatta, the two were arrested by the Ghana Police Service and their previously attained awards from the 20th VGMA stripped off them.

As if that was not enough, Shatta Wale was seen in a video where he and one of his goons on social media, mimicked Stonebwoy as the other player, limped on one foot, pointing his hand, held as a gun at Shatta Wale: a direct re-enactment of the VGMA incident except for the limping part.

Amidst several bashings from fans and the entire Ghanaian public, Shatta Wale responded that the video was meant to entertain his fans.

All these incidents have led to a call by some concerned nationals for the two to come together for a common good.

The two music giants in Ghana did respect their fans and recently, Shattawale shared a beautiful picture of himself and his ‘rival turned friend’ Stonebwoy with a caption” unity is strength, Love is key to many doors.

Brotherhood is loyalty. Peace is freedom. My brother and I got a great vision for Ghana music and we taking it to the world and tagged Stonebwoy.”

Few minutes after, Stonebwoy shared the same picture with the caption “If it is possible as far it depends on you, live peaceably with All men…. Romans 12: 8

The wise shall inherit Glory…but shame shall be the promotion of fools…. Proverbs 3:35

This got their fans rejoicing. And it is our candid Prayer that this peace reigns forever. Kudos to all persons who played a part in this great venture.

#Bhim to the world

#SM for Life

Story By: Courage Akosua Agrah

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