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Founder and leader of Alabaster Ministry international say Ghana is leaving in a slum because of how erect our building is set up.

The man of God said, at times when individuals board a flight and use the opportunity to look down, one could realize that Ghana is not developed a bit.

Speaking as a guest on television show he disclosed that, the kind of leaders

the have country shows incompetency and the only thing capable of them is to use the national cake for their own selfish ambition.

According to the great prophet he doesn’t understand why we can’t make good of our resources for national developmental projects, huge national resources have been accumulated yet we are lacking behind.

He added that many youths have graduated from the tertiary with skills and knowledge but are not being utilized in this country, likewise, we preach entrepreneurship but wherewithal is always our problem.

Talking a relation to an issue, Prophet Kofi Oduro asserted that, the issue of politics, Christian’s have a share in it and the Bible makes him understand that Governance belongs to believers, therefore, he would be pleased much a time to come when believers take over the position of presidency.

Prophet Kofi Oduro stated vividly that, whenever a prophet fouls one way or the other of which may cause illness in this country, then such a prophet need not be pampered, likewise prophets that always gives fake prophecies in the church must be curbed.

He said the fact that someone can tell about someone doesn’t mean that the person is from God and believers must take critical notice of it.

story by Richmond ofosu.


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