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Ghanaians, especially fans of the two great talents, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy have been caught up in the recent unrest between the two artists.

Many years of rivalry and misunderstandings were made apparent when in the recent events that occurred at the VGMA, Stonebwoy pulled out a gun as Shatta Wale and his goons went up to the stage after Abeiku Santana announced Stonebwoy as the Reggae Dancehall Artist of the year; the 5th time in a row.

Just yesterday, Shata Wale with one of his aides was seen re-enacting the event that occurred at the VGMA.

As of a case where speaking less of a situation would have made sleeping dogs lie over the matter, the President of the Shatta Movement and his aide was seen limping on one foot; an obvious depiction of Stonebwoys supposed disability.

At first glance, the video seemed funny. But a clearer understanding of what was portrayed by Shatta and his aide downed on me when I saw a few disabled persons at the Kaneshie footbridge.

I wondered what inspiration these people could draw from a celebrated dancehall god; How feeble they would feel to see a man with such great influence play upon their in capabilities; a daily struggle to which they sing in hope, the ‘redemption song’.

I used to think stardom was about motivation; that it was about caring for society and impacting people’s lives in a Positive way.

I Think about Percy Sackey the teacher who uses dancing: a complement of music to boost the confidence of his pupils and give them a reason to want to be in school.

And yet with all this money and fame, Shatta Wale couldn’t be sensitive to his fans and Ghanaians who May be living with disabilities.

I must confess that many or some of us have mocked people with disabilities at a point in our lives. But all would agree that these were juvenile moments lacking adult logic. But with time, everybody comes to learn that no person with a disability deserves to be mocked, whether they were born with it or if it happened by accident.

I have since been reflecting; What is the SM fraternity really about?

Let us encourage each other and be careful as to how we make jokes.


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