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Mr. Abu Jinapor, member of parliament for yapei kusawgu constituency has said that the sitting government is a total failure in his administration.

Speaking in an interview with Adoa news on Tuesday pertaining to the low power supply to the nation and the fluctuation of light being experienced lately.

According to MR. Jinapor this government has not done what is right in the sense that, Giving ECG to a different company was not the best and hence it would yield to a huge tariff on the ordinary Ghanaians.

ECG needs to monitor their assets, if that can’t be done then it means that we can’t monitor our assets which is bad as a nation, he said.

However, I see to it that the introduction of PDS was to help prevent cost and also sanitize the energy sector

Adding, the electricity company of Ghana must have a mutual agreement with Power distribution supply for a consensus operation in the energy sector.

Story By: Richmond Ofosu

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