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Mr. Fredrick Anebo, known in the media field as ANFRED, has expressed his uncertainty in the   mandate of the Ghana Police Service. His comment came in after the Ghana Police service refuted a video that went viral about a uniformed man who kicked boy’s head; claiming not to be a police officer.

He said, the Ghana police service lead by by (IGP) David Asante Apeatu are difficult to be understood in terms of their duties.

According to him, the Ghana Police are failing to adhere to their outermost responsibility in protecting civilians and they need to be chastised for that.

Police are responsible to protect civilians, they are obliged under the constitution to protect and fight crime, not to serve as a bully to innocent people.

The standard by which the police service assault and brutalize individuals is aggravating and those who are found to be culprit must be sanctioned.

How responsible is the Ghana police service if it isn’t serving as a check within their service?

Mr. ANFRED however stated that, how is it possible for a municipal Assembly guard to oversee to the jurisdiction of the Ghana police service.

He added that the said acclaimed uniformed man who denied to be a police officer must be cautioned with severe sanctions to serve as a yardstick to the rest of the security forces. 

Stressing more on the issue, he said, from the Code of Conduct of the GHANA Police Service (Legal and Prosecutions Directorate) 1.1 say’s police officers shall at all times act impartially and in accordance with the existing law’s which must be enforced on all persons without discrimination.

Further in the 1.2 of the conduct, it stated that, police officers shall respect and protect human dignity, maintain and uphold rights of all persons

But police IGP and his men have been acquiescence to these policies quite a while now and this issues must be addressed.

Mr. ANFRED however urged the Ghana Police service to ameliorate and be vigilant in the security force rather than issuing press statements exhibiting their incompetency.

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