Skin Bleaching among Ghanaian Ladies


By: Ameera – Michelle Aryeetey

  Bleaching is a chemical process to become white or much lighter by exposure to sunlight. Bleaching or whitening creams utilizes the most trendy whitening agents such as Bentonite clay, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Lactic acids, and among others.

The causes of skin bleaching are skin pigmentation problems, changing skin color, giving the skin a glow, over the counter products, etcetera. Skin problems such as vitiligo can cause the skin to develop patches tat re much lighter than the normal skin tone. The effects of skin bleaching include skin irritation and inflammation, a burning or stinging sensation.

A reason why Ghanaian s ladies bleach their skin is because, it is perceived that white or light skin is associated with higher status, privilege and beauty. Thus, African or Ghanaian ladies bleach their skin to look beautiful and to attract high- status mates.

 Also the Entertainment industry only portrays the ”good” part of skin bleaching, completely hiding the dangerous effect of it. They advertise all sort of bleaching creams which encourage Ghanaian ladies to bleach and become like the advertisers being used to promote the high demand of the whitening cream to increase production.

To add to that, Ignorance is also a reason why Ghanaian ladies bleach. Most Ghanaian s either do not know or ignore the side effects of bleaching creams, like it causing skin irritation and inflammation because of the bleaching agents being used to manufacture the cream.

To end with, Ghanaian ladies bleach because they feel physical or outer beauty is much more important than inner beauty, but it is not so. The inner beauty always over-shadow the outer beauty.

Source: Adoanewsonline

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